Sun-dried Tomatoes

A week or so ago, on a cool, rainy day, I wanted an excuse to turn on the oven. I had lots of Mexico Midget tomatoes on hand, so I decided to dry them. Technically, a sun-dried tomato should be dried in the sun, I suppose, but the store bought ones aren’t, so I thought I’d cheat. I turned my oven to its lowest setting, 175 degrees. I then cut each grape tomato in half and placed them on a cookie sheet, almost touching. I lightly salted them with sea salt and placed them in the oven. About 3 hours later, I had the best, the sweetest, the most delectable sun-dried tomatoes I had ever eaten. Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, so I decided to dry more of these outside. I prepared the tomatoes the same way, but covered them with cheese cloth to keep away any insects and placed them in the sun. This time it took about 8 hours, but the result was just as good, and it felt good that I used no energy to dry them. I placed the dried tomatoes in a zip lock bag and stored them in the frig. (Well, most of them). I’m saving them for a rainy day.

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7 Responses to Sun-dried Tomatoes

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  2. Susan! These look so wonderful! Silly question…but do they really dry out that quickly? In only 8 hours of sunshine? (So exciting I want to try it myself!)

  3. Thanks, Suze! I’m going to dry some of our bigger tomatoes, in slices, of course. Maybe on a rainy Irene day, if we don’t get a hot, sunny one.

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