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My Clean Food Journey

The past three years or so have seen dramatic changes in the food we eat. I have been gardening since I’m 16, so vegetables have always been a staple. We have alway purchased whole grain bread and have even ground … Continue reading

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Sprouted Wheat Flour

I first began to use sprouted wheat flour when I heard that it digests like a vegetable. Wow! But, the price is a bit steep, and digesting like a vegetable was not enough to motivate me to continue purchasing it. … Continue reading

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Cooking Moist and Tender Pastured Poultry

 Nutritionally, a pastured chicken is far superior to traditionally raised chicken. Chickens that are running around on pasture eating insects, worms, and forage have a great taste, but they also have muscle tone. And chickens with muscle tone are not … Continue reading

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Fresh from the Garden! Grilled Ratatouille

To walk out into my garden and pick most of what we will have for dinner gives me so much joy. The garden is on the verge of bursting with eggplant, zucchini, okra, tomatoes and onions. Sounds like ratatouille to me! … Continue reading

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Blueberries …… or Huckleberries?

Wild blueberries always make me nostalgic. My family spent summers at a beautiful mountain lake and blueberries were abundant on the mountain. Mom would make pancakes in the morning and we would run out into the yard in our pajamas … Continue reading

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Strawberry Maple Jam

There is so much to love about this jam. There are only two ingredients, both of which are available in my local area. It’s simple to make, it’s healthier than jam with sugar, and it’s delicious. The maple flavor does not … Continue reading

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Kale Chips

Looking for healthy recipes to go along with our traditional Super Bowl fare, I came across a recipe for Kale Chips.  I’m not a big kale fan, but I’m always willing to try something new, especially if a vegetable is … Continue reading

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