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Lessons from Cuba: Farming and Urban Gardening

Before its collapse, the USSR had been providing Cuba with much of its oil, farm equipment, pesticides, fertilizer and food. Cuba, in return, provided them with sugar. All of this ended with the break-up of the Soviet Union. This was … Continue reading

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Using Hay vs. Straw in the Garden

Search the internet for info on using hay vs. straw as mulch and you’ll see statements like these: “I’ve never made the mistake of using hay”, or “Straw makes great mulch — or, for that matter, a great addition to … Continue reading

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Back to Eden

I absolutely love finding out about gardeners/farmers who are innovative and creative. They help me to realize that after almost 40 years of gardening, I’ve only begun to scratch the surface. I find that exciting! Our infinite God has created … Continue reading

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Rodale Institute

J.I. Rodale is considered the father of the organic farming movement in the U.S. I’ve read Organic Gardening Magazine for many years and many Rodale Press books are included in my library. But I had never visited the Rodale Institute until recently, despite … Continue reading

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Sour Mulch: I Learned This One the Hard Way

We had an old concolor fir on our property that was struggling from the day we bought this place. We tried for 8 years to save that tree. This year, we finally resolved ourselves to the fact that it had … Continue reading

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How to Save Seeds from Heirloom Tomatoes

One of the advantages to growing heirloom tomatoes, as opposed to hybrids, is that you may save the seeds and count on them producing true in the next generation. There are a few steps to saving tomato seeds, but it … Continue reading

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Fresh from the Garden! Grilled Ratatouille

To walk out into my garden and pick most of what we will have for dinner gives me so much joy. The garden is on the verge of bursting with eggplant, zucchini, okra, tomatoes and onions. Sounds like ratatouille to me! … Continue reading

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